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Review of Roohi’s film: Hello » readers !! Here we are back with another review of the film. New movie 99Songs, read the full article and have fun.

Name 99Songs
IMDB Rating 9.1 / 10
Performance rating 8/10
General evaluation 8/10

99Songs Movie Story:

When a young musician embarks on a journey to make music that can bring him together with the love of his life and also change the world, things don’t go as planned. When he reaches rock bottom, will music come to his rescue?

Review of the movie 99Songs:

Jai (Ehan Bhat) has only two priorities in life – his music and his girlfriend Sophie (Edilsy Vargas). Although he has not yet been very successful in the music scene, the father of his wealthy girlfriend, Sanjay Singhania (Ranjit Barot), challenges him to write 100 songs before he can even think of marrying Sophie. And so begins Jai’s arduous journey, which takes him to the beautiful and picturesque hills of Shillong, where he has his task done.

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AR Rahman’s musical attempt is crafted with love and passion for his art and this is a constant thing all the time. This is definitely an advantage, but the overall soundtrack to the film is high in quantity and far below the quality one would expect from a musical genius like Rahman. That said, there are more than 99 songs than just your music and some of them work, in parts.

For starters, newcomer Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy navigates the subject with sensitivity, telling us a story that keeps the focus on music. Execution and cinematography (Tanay Satam and James Cowley) are decidedly somber and at times seem authoritarian, but many parts stand out for their vivid and imaginative visual treatment. The treatment is what gives this film a deeply emotional touch that is unfortunately not so strong in the writing itself. The writing could have been more convincing.

Ehan Bhat looks like a taciturn musician, deeply in love and his portrait is honest. The role gives him enough space to show his emotional scale and for his first film, Bhat did a decent job. Debutant Edilsy Vargas had a more difficult role than just being emotional without being able to speak. She looks glamorous and intense like Sophie, but her transformation is not very convincing. In addition, we would like the two young actors to have more scenes between them to show their chemistry, which is crucial for a love story like this. Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray are very well cast in their respective roles. Tenzing Dalha, like Jai’s best friend, tries very hard to be cool and casual, but a more experienced actor here would have done wonders.

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Overall, ’99 Songs’ has all the elements of an emotional love story with music at its core. With better songs and more conviction in the performance, he had all the potential to become a leader in the charts. After all, as the character of Manisha Koirala says, “Music is the last surviving magic in the world”.

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