Aranya, Kaadan and Rang De might not premiere this month on OTT » »

Aranya, Kaadan and Rang De might not premiere this month on OTT

Among the recently released films, Aranya, Rang De & Check will be released soon on Zee5. The details of the OTT Release Date are updated here. Check when Aranya, Rang De & Check will debut on the Zee5 OTT platform.

OTT release dates for Aranya, Rang De & Check

All of these films, Aranya, Rang De & Check, were released in 2021. The OTT release of these films was also confirmed by sources for the month of May. But still, the manufacturers have not yet confirmed these dates and we suggest waiting for an official announcement. According to the sources, these are Aranya, Rang De & Check’s OTT release dates:

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Film’s name OTT release date (yet to be confirmed)
Spider May 15, 2021
Rang De May 21, 2021
Check May 14, 2021

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However, a recent update states that Aranya, Rang De & Check may not be released this month. The Zee5 platform has already announced other movie releases, which will take place on May 14, 2021 and May 21, 2021.

Aranya, Rang De & Check OTT Release Delayed?

There is no clarification from the manufacturers as to the OTT release date for these films. However, fans were waiting for the premiere of these films this month on Zee5.

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From this recent update, it appears that the launch is delayed. Hopefully, manufacturers will soon make an official announcement to clear the air about the OTT Release Date for these films.

We will update the OTT release dates for Aranya, Rang De & Check as soon as they are officially confirmed. Stay tuned for more updates of this type!

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