Ranam 2018 Movie Review: Is Ranam a Good Movie? » »

Ranam 2018 Movie Review: Is Ranam a Good Movie?

Review of Ranam’s film: Hello » readers !! Here we are back with another review of the film. New Ranam Movie, then read the Full Article and have fun.

Name Ranam
IMDB Rating 6.5 / 10
Performance rating 7.0 / 10
General evaluation 6.0 / 10

Ranam’s plot

Aadhi, a drug dealer in Detroit, longs to live a new life by severing all his connections to the underworld. Aadhi, who thought there was no one to worry about, is now overcome with a certain fear – the fear of losing his loved ones. The war then begins. Will Aadhi be able to get out of this underworld trap?

Review of Ranam’s film

Ranam, from debuting director Nirmal Sahadev, is set in a world where everyone is looking for something. Each character has lost something and is looking for it. Take, for example, the hero of the film Aadhi (Prithviraj Sukumaran), he is looking for a second chance in life, which will allow him to live a life free from crime. Villain Damodar Ratnam (Rahman) lost his identity in his native Sri Lanka during the civil war and is chasing a new identity in the Detroit underworld. Heroin Seema (Isha Talwar) lost touch with herself when trying to raise a family. And his teenage daughter Deepika (Celine Joseph) has lost her innocence and is looking for a partner in the wrong places. Adju (Mathew Arun), another teenager in the film, loses a bag full of drugs while trying to find his manhood.

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When we reflect on the film and its underlying theme, we appreciate the director’s decision to set the story in Detroit, a Michigan city that got lost in crime and violence. In a sense, Aadhi is an embodiment of the old town’s longing for a second chance to return to its glory days. Breathing for the last breath and begging for a helping hand before completely drowning in the decay of modern society.

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The film begins with an image of Aadhi lying on the road and surrounded by the police. He is seriously injured and bleeding. He is shot in the chest. And he says he is not ready to “give up yet”. He embodies the spirit of the city in which he lives.

Aadhi presents himself as the best escape pilot in Detroit. He jumps out of a container with a luxury car and runs away from the cops without breaking a sweat in the chase that follows. And this is the only chase sequence we have in a movie, whose hero’s specialty is driving cars. He was doing some work for Damodar to pay his uncle Bhaskar’s (Nandhu) debt. He was free of all obligations until his brother Adju fell into Damodar’s trap. This forces Aadhi to return to Damodar to keep his brother safe.

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True to the theme of the film, Nirmal severely restricted the movement of the film. The characters in the film are stuck in their own places. It’s kind of claustrophobic. Most scenes are shot inside buildings or cars. This restricts their movements and also symbolizes the stalemate in their lives.

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While we can understand that all the characters are mourning their losses, it is very difficult to see similar identical characters crawling across the screen. Everyone moves, talks and looks in a particular way, as if they are all in the same boarding school.

Prithviraj, who is also the narrator of the film, does a convincing job playing a troubled hero, who had a difficult childhood, followed by a very complex adult life. Isha Talwar as the mother of a troubled teenager is like a floating feather, she moves in the direction of the wind. Your character’s narration may sound something like this: you are a simple task and, most importantly, don’t ask anyone questions. Even if it means discovering the truth about your dead daughter or your drug dealer boyfriend.

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In the end, it looks like the film was Nirmal’s opening of over two hours for another film he wants to make. It is a film about the romance between Aadhi and Seema. The director put all the cards on the table for the straight. But, it remains to be seen if it was just a trick or if he really intends to make a complementary film.

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But Ranam doesn’t impress me as much as I would like. Nirmal is ambitious and his sense of style in storytelling is significant. But his debut film largely turns out to be an exercise in style, even when it seems to go deeper.

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