Roohi Movie Review: People Are Thinking About Roohi Movie » »

Roohi Movie Review: People Are Thinking About Roohi Movie

Review of Roohi’s film: Hello » readers !! Here we are back with another review of the film. New Roohi Movie, so read the Full Article and have fun.

Name Roohi
IMDB Rating 4/10
Performance rating 3/10
General evaluation 2.5 / 10

Roohi Plot

Roohi is the next Bollywood biopic about political leader Mulayam Singh Yadav. The film shows the political journey of Mulayam Singh Yadav.

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Public review of Roohi’s film

Veeru Rathod

I’m giving four stars for so many reasons
1) it is not so good when compared to stree, which is my favorite movie.
2) I liked the performance of rajkumar rao and of course varun sharma, but I think the director should give more space to janhavi kapoor, but his performance was average, I could say. There are few elements of horror and small elements of comics as well and the comic rhythm of Varun and rajkumar is great. The story is average, but not good compared to the stree story. The songs were good, but nadiyon paar was my favorite. The direction made by hardik mehta is excellent. The supporting cast was also good. My favorite scenes from the movie were when rajkumar rao dances in front of varun and the second best scene was when varun said that janhavi palat palat was so comical 😂 Overall, the film is watched only once for everyone who likes the combination of horror comedy

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My rating 3.5 / 5

Kaustubh Pethe

Strictly a single watch. Rajkumar Yadav or Rao now appears to be typified in the same roles as a small-town boy, be it Stree or Bareilly ki Barfi or others. He is too talented to allow that to happen and must choose better roles to suit his FTII pedigree and his absolute talent.

Janhavi- the less, the better. People who praise you here probably don’t know what acting is all about! It is not bad, but it is definitely not “wow”. And somehow Varun carries that silly act of Fukrey Chucha in every role, once again it gives us a feeling of déjà-vu with his performance, just as Rajkumar does!

Suman Ahmed

First of all, let me say that #Rajkummar Rao is one of my favorite actors. All of his films are realistic in nature. Each of his films carries a message that inspires all moviegoers. Rajkummar Rao is a perfect example of someone who struggled to rise.
Many greetings and congratulations to him. We look forward to seeing your next films released !!

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Bhargavi n

The film Roohi is in the horror comedy genre. I really liked the movie. I don’t understand why people are giving negative reviews. Janhvi’s performance was simply incredible. I kind of like the way she is experiencing movies. Hands down for that. Rajkumar and varun were good. The songs were good. This film deserves better. Please see what the film looks like. They are working hard and trying to give us the best and people are screwing up under the name of nepotism, which is very disappointing. Haters gonna hate. By the way, janhvi killed with his expressions. My support to you!

Gokul Krishna.s

Roohi’s movie was a good movie, me giving 3.5 / 5 rajkumar rao and varun sharma was so funny 🤣 and janhwi mam gave such a hard job in this film. And she has a good career, the songs are good to feel in the theater. the camera was fine. Wishing this film was a good success, thank you.

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Rehaan Khan

Janhvi is incredible in the film. She is the star of the game that I should not count in the conversation about nepotism. Her dance moves are killing the audience and she is sure to be everyone’s favorite. I love her so much.

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