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Sherni Movie Review – All About This Movie

Sherni’s film review: Hello » readers, today let’s review the movie sherni. Sherni is a dramatic film directed by Amit Masurkar. The film will premiere on the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform. Also read: Download Sherni Full Movie

Name sherni
Release date of June 18, 2021
Gender Drama
languages Hindi
IMDB classification 7.5 / 10
User rating 8/10
» review 7.0 / 10

Sherni Movie Story

Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) is the newly appointed DFO. When she takes charge, news arrives about a tiger invading the villages. How does this set a chain of events in motion and where does it end? Vidya Vincent’s life as a forestry officer treated by her colleagues and family creates a tremendous subtext.

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Sherni’s film review

Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan), a committed forestry officer, has not been promoted for nine years, and after six years working as a secretary, her new role in the Bijaspur forests brings with it a set of unique challenges. In a video chat, when she casually suggests to her husband, Pawan (Mukul Chaddha) that she feels stagnant, without growth and can quit after getting that coveted promotion, he urges her to stay. Mainly because he’s not sure how long he’ll be able to keep his job in Mumbai.

In many ways, Vidya’s world seems isolated, the lonely woman in a male-dominated department. However, her colleagues and colleagues trying to undermine her is the last of her worries. She may be a woman of few words, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that she is determined and intensely passionate about her work. When a tigress, identified as T12 by the Forest Department, begins hunting near the village’s fields, humans and farm animals fall prey. For villagers, the passing of tigers through their fields is the norm, as their village is flanked by forests on both sides. In his own words, tigers often pass by without even looking in their direction, but this new development spreads fear of lives and livelihoods. One that is fueled by conflicting local politicians and turned into an electoral debate for the next polls.

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For Vidya, locating and capturing T12 alive is of paramount importance, but that means navigating the feelings of the villagers, the pressure of politicians, the attitude of their boss Bansal (Brijendra Kalra) who just wants the problem to go away in the forest and in Ranjan Rajhans (Sharat Saxena), an ally of politicians who calls himself a conservationist but prides himself on the number of tigers he hunts. His only support seems to come from Hassan Noorani (Vijay Raaz), who is a professor of zoology at a nearby college, some of the locals like Jyoti (Sampa Mandal), a village committee member, and Mr. Nangia (Neeraj Kabi), the Head of the Forest Department.

Director Amit Masurkar weaves an intricate and complex narrative with a rich visual texture as he delves deeply into this man-versus-animal conflict. The script (Aastha Tiku) is meticulously detailed, giving insight not only into the protagonist’s mind, but also into the functioning of the department and also how the village and forest are intertwined in its existence.

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Camera (Rakesh Haridas, cinematography) and sound design (Anish John) literally romance the dense green jungles – spotted sun, bubbling streams, buzzing insects, rustling leaves, distinct sounds of birds and animals – all come to life in ‘ Sherni’. You just can’t leave without falling in love with the forests first. But just as one is easily mesmerized by beauty, one of Vidya’s helpers tells her – you could go to the forest 100 times and maybe see a tiger once, but make sure the tiger has seen it 99 times.

A chilling reminder of who the intruder is and who reigns supreme in the jungles. The background soundtrack (Benedict Taylor, Naren Chandavarkar) adds an air of mystery and the only song in the film (music by Bandish Project, lyrics by Hussain Haidry) hits the right note.

“Sher hain for jungle hai, jungle hain for baarish hain, baarish hain for paani hain aur paani hai toh hum hain.” of an intense search for the tigress, which is literally a race against time and opponents.

Vidya Balan gives us a remarkable, low-key, yet powerful performance while exuding her character’s quiet determination, passion and courage. Devoid of any dramatic overtones, but with eyes that arouse anger and speak for themselves, it’s a joy to see Vidya subtly fighting sexism and prejudice not just at work but at home as well. Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal and Sharat Saxena add up their performances effortlessly. Satyakam Anand also leaves a mark.

Masurkar keeps us captivated and hooked for the most part with the pace dropping just a few spots. While ‘Sherni’ takes us deep into the forest, through tense and thrilling tiger trails, it also gives us a dose of some satirical humor. Ultimately, Masurkar’s powerful film about conserving wildlife and maintaining ecological balance leaves you with a terrifying message even as you immerse yourself in the sublime beauty of the forests.

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‘Sherni’ is an intense and intriguing film and is a must-see. If you’re expecting the bang from a regular Bollywood movie, this one is far from it. But therein lies the beauty of it.

Lights? Vidya Balan, Cinematography, Central Theme
Disadvantages? Very slow pace, clichés, predictable tropes
I enjoyed that? yes, in parts
Will you recommend it? Yes, but with reservations

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