Top 5 Gambling Business Movies of All Time That You Must Watch » »

Top 5  Gambling Business Movies of All Time That You Must Watch


The game has been a big part of the human experience since the early days, so it’s no surprise that several films have been made on the subject over the years.

Today, I take a look at some of the best casino and gambling-related films that came out of Hollywood and try to point out the best casino film of all time.

The casino-related films covered all types of periods and places. Of course, many of them take us to places like Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, or Las Vegas and feature interesting poker hands, along with exciting scenes.

The journey will take us into the world of mafia and drama, as well as some of the best comedies out there.

Without further ado, let’s start this journey with the best cinematographic achievements related to the game world. When we are finished, you will have a complete list of the best gambling movies of all time, which you should definitely watch if the game is of interest to you.

1. Lucky you

This is one of the great films that were made in the year 2007. The film is set in the world of professional gambling in Las Vegas. Here, people will find the name of the main character Eric Bana; he played like a poker star and also had a complicated relationship. This film shows us millions of better sports and a great game at the end of the film as well. But the names of two characters Bana and Duvall always find some truth in their characters. But the film was a box-office disaster after the release, and its wave of success has always ended.

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2. 21

This film was released in the year 2008 and the basis of the film is games of chance. This film was made with a true story and several actors acted in it. It includes many young and handsome actors and includes Kevin Spacy. This film was criticized for covering up and turned the majority of Asian American real-life players into generic whites. Here, this movie was showing an intelligent game approach and details of the game mode.

3. Let it Ride

This is another old film that was released in the year 1989. This film was portrayed as a comedy film, but it also includes many massages for the viewers. The cast of this film was Richard Dreyfuss who for one day got all the horse racing bets right, and that inspired him to give more strength and go far. But that inspiration turns into a disaster at the end of the film. It’s just an 80’s comedy. In this movie, if you watch it now, you’ll find many comedies that help you laugh, but also portray the world of the game business.

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4. The refrigerator

This is another one of the best films and the film was released in the year 2003. Here you will find a name Bernie, the character is a professional loser and his main job is to ruin any hot steak by playing on the same dice table. Here, you will find him as a sad and funny character who had huge debts and was studying to recover from the game. But once he loves a good woman, it can change his luck. This film is about the love and the feeling of pleasing the public that has not stopped betting on itself. You can find many parts related to the game and provide a lot of information about the game world.

5. Molly’s game

This film is based on a true story, Molly’s game is based on the memory of Molly Bloom, who was a former ski champion, and after an accident, she changed her career and switched to poker. She becomes the queen of this organization’s stack games and becomes addicted to gambling. This is a full-fledged thriller and viewers feel the adrenaline of Molly. You will also find some truly moving characters, containing the desperate player of Bill Camps.

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Above these 5 cinemas, they already portrayed the game world, its profits and losses, and details of the risk relationship. The game includes profits, losses, and risks. Good poker can generate huge profits, while wrong calculations can cause disaster in your life. There are several films around the world where the directors have tried to create an image of the game world. But if you want to know more about the real gambling industry, you better check with the experts. The guys at Exycasinos know a lot about it and can help you compare the casinos pictured in Hollywood with the real ones.

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