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World on Fire Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Much More

Finally, World on Fire is returning to Masterpiece on PBS for its second season. Here’s everything we know about the next season.

After witnessing a mind-boggling world of action, emotion and drama curated by Peter Bowker, the creator and writer of World on Fire season 1, fans are very much looking forward to the series’ sequel. The creators delivered a ready-to-use storyline that follows a sequence of characters as they engage on the battlefields for survival. The action-packed scenes and excellent cinematography of the first season impressed the audience. After the show aired on PBS in 2020, fans are excited about the renewal of the series.

Finally, there is new news coming. According to the leaks, World on Fire Season 2 is preparing to blow up the screens. Sources note that the show’s creator, Peter Bowker, in an interview made a statement to shock fans. He pointed out that he is ready with the script for at least six seasons. So there is much more to come. Of course, from now on, the hype is for the second season. Recently, manufacturers have revealed a glimpse of the coming seasons, and here are all the updates.

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World on Fire Season 2 Cast:

The second edition of World on Fire will enjoy bringing tons of characters from the first season. Although the creators have not officially revealed a cast list for the second season, we can predict some of the names that will come in the second season. The show’s prominent faces like Julia Brown, Sean Bean, Helen Hunt, Lesley Manville and Jonah Hauer-King are likely to return in season two.

Although the second edition may also come with some new faces to add a hint of freshness to the plot, so wait to witness another exciting journey.

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World on Fire season 2 release date:

World on Fire was renewed for its second season long before by Peter. However, due to the pandemic circumstances of covid-19, the filming work was rescheduled. The pandemic delayed production work and fans had to wait a long time. But, if the situation is favorable and the manufacturers can kick-start filming in the summer of 2021, we can expect the film to arrive later this year or early 2022.

However, it is quite obvious that there will be a delay between the UK release date and the PBS release date. Therefore, the PBS audience will have to wait a little longer.

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